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Hello, My name is Kevin. I am the owner and CEO of Automatic Venture Group. AVG is a venture capital fund that supports early-stage start-ups. Being a full cycle VC, our approach is flexible, long term and multi-stage.

Our team consists of professionals with a vast knowledge and range of backgrounds. At the present time we are 25 members: analysts, text and video content makers, business developers and others.

We take a deeply hands-on approach to help projects reach their full potential through various instruments. AVG owns a network of media which has one of the best coverage in the Russian-speaking Telegram crypto community. The total number of subscribers is more than 100K and is constantly growing. Our social media reach is about 10K views per day. Here is what we can do for you in the media: shilling, announcements, AMAs both in Russian and English, podcasts, reviews on our channels in Telegram and YouTube. Our thorough support lasts before TGE and after TGE.

Every month we spend no less than 20 000$ of an advertising budget to increase the exposure. Every channel has its own chat as our audience is very active and makes approximately 500 messages daily. Having distinguished media we can create and promote your project throughout the Russian community and even develop marketing strategy from the scratch. If required AVG is also available to clean various social channels from bots.

Automatic Venture Group is backed by top tier market players in crypto industry including other VCs, launchpads, key opinion leaders and influencers.

Additional value we may provide you with:
  • Intro to launchpads, VC, Advisers and Tech Giants.
  • Intro to other projects for partnership purposes. At the present time our partnership network includes 50+ projects.
  • Introduction to verified KOLs who will be eager to propel your project awareness and provide extra media support
  • Assistance with listing on 60+ DEX may also be provided
Media resources
YouTube Authors
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Valeriy Osipov
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Evgeniy Bulava
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Dmitry Loshkariov
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Juliy Krasner
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Krasnov Vladislav
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Sergii Bond
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Alexandr Vorobev
Content Makers
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Andrey Kolodiychuk
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Alexander Efremov
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Sergey Boltunov
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